When Do Kids Learn Fractions Let's see

When Do Kids Learn Fractions? Let’s see

Fractions are introduced to students in first and second grade.

Many children comprehend fractions by the end of elementary school and are able to solve simple problems involving them. Some require more time.

Many children struggle with the math concept of fractions because it is challenging.

What is a Fraction?

A fraction is a number that represents a portion of a whole. Instead of using a division symbol, one can write a fraction using two numbers separated by a line.

The numerator, which is the number above the line, indicates how many parts you have. Similarly, the number below the line, known as the denominator, is used to represent the total number of components in the entire space or object.

One part divided into equal parts is depicted by a straightforward fraction. When a numerator strictly falls below a denominator, the fraction is said to be proper. The numerator of an improper fraction is greater than or equal to the denominator.

You can demonstrate to children that 2/5 means that two is divided by five when teaching them about fractions. Parts are the units into which the whole is divided, and they are all of equal value. Our part count is indicated by the number at the top.

When Do Kids Learn Fractions Let's see
When Do Kids Learn Fractions? Let’s see

The Best Way to Teach Fractions to Homeschoolers

The fractions curriculum that is available to home educators has a gap, as the team at ShillerLearning has found. We saw this gap across all teaching modalities, especially among the Montessori-based home educators. For parents, there was nothing actually practical. We heard again and again from parents with no idea what to do. Our hearts broke for kids who cried over boring worksheets that didn’t make sense.

Options and Tips for Introducing the Fractions Kit:

  • Give your student the option of choosing the frequency and time of their fraction study.

Your student might prefer to work on fractions once a week, put their current book on hold for the time being so they can devote all of their attention to fractions, switch out the kit book at their convenience, or finish the whole book after book 3. These are only a few suggestions, your student may choose when they’d like to work on them

  • By the conclusion of the second review test in book 3, at least through fourths must be introduced. To proceed to the following section, your student will require this information.
  • Foundational knowledge of division can be helpful, but not necessary
  • You’ll eventually reach a point in the Kit where you must have finished particular lessons in our Math Kits in order to move forward.

The Kit has an extended shelf life! Because of this, it has generally not been thought through completely.

When Do Kids Learn Fractions Let's see
When Do Kids Learn Fractions? Let’s see


Learning fractions doesn’t have to be a laborious process. Numerous useful tips can help make math lessons more interesting and engaging for students. A truly effective math tutor will know how to explain fractions to convey the mathematical concepts in a creative way that children love.

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