Mother and Son

A man’s views of women as an adult are frequently shaped by how he viewed his mother when he was younger. Now, read the following tricks on how to help your son how to treat and respect women.

Teaching Your Son about Women

Children constantly make choices. They have sentiments and thoughts about what they observe as they travel through life, and they unconsciously decide what it all means. You are your son’s most important teacher on women since you are his mother. Your son will learn important lessons about his own interactions with women from your decisions.

Teach your boys the worth of each lady in their lives and the significance of each one. Your life wouldn’t be complete without her if she were your mother, sister, friend, wife, or grandmother. 

Mothers and Sons

Think of yourself as a bystander at a mother-son playgroup, watching the mother-son pairs participate in different activities. Before her son may take the slightest danger, one mother hovers over him and pulls him back. Another mother converses with a friend while ignoring her son’s cries for her to “look at me, Mommy.” Every few minutes, a different mother gives her son a hug as he wriggles and tries to get away. Another woman follows her son about the room, picking up toys and giving him snacks while making sure he is not left on his own. 

All of these boys are making choices regarding their mothers, themselves, and what they must do in order to fit in and feel appreciated. Insightful lessons about women are also being taught to them. Consider for a moment what your son is learning about women if you take care of him, clean up after him, and tell him that he is the center of the universe. What does your kid learn about women if you insist that he listen to your concerns, take on your emotional responsibilities, and tell you that you look nice? What does your son learn about women if you want him to spend all of his time with you, sleep with him until he’s well past toddlerhood, and continually touch him? 

Respect Your Son, Respect Yourself

Mutual respect is arguably the best method to have a strong relationship with your son. Even if you disagree with your son’s needs or individuality, you should accept those things about him (or when you need to provide discipline). You ought to respect yourself as well. Keep in mind that pampering and permissiveness are ineffective parenting approaches; your boy needs constraints and guidelines to grow into a healthy adolescent. Your son is more likely to appreciate any women he comes into contact with when you model respect for yourself and your son, from his first-grade teacher to his eventual wife.

5 Rules for Sons on How to Treat Women

Show Respect for Women

It’s never too early to begin teaching our kids respect. Our sons should be taught to appreciate all women, just as we should as moms. This entails speaking to them in a way that doesn’t degrade, judge, or insult them. Our lads need to learn how to listen politely and refrain from using crude language around women. The way our sons treat us is the strongest predictor of how they will treat their future girlfriends. If your kid respects his mother with respect, he will do the same for any potential female suitors.

Value each girl’s individuality

Whether you have a daughter or not, your son should treat every woman with respect. Our sons will learn from this lesson that a lady is much more valuable than her outward looks after it has been sufficiently reinforced. Sometimes, a girl’s greatest qualities are hidden from plain sight. I want my son to spend time getting to know ladies rather than categorizing them based on their physical or social characteristics. If I can teach my kid to value the uniqueness that both my daughter and I possess, I am hopeful that he will continue to be receptive to discovering the uniqueness of other girls he encounters in the future.

Communicate By Listening

The most frequent complaint women have about men is probably that they don’t listen to them. Sometimes I just write it down as “selective hearing,” but there may be some validity to this. We must teach our sons to listen well. We must instill in them the notion that interrupting when we are speaking to them is impolite. To make sure they understood what we said, we should ask them to repeat it back to us once we’ve spoken. If we can instill in our sons early on the importance of listening to your partner’s point of view without passing judgment and with your entire attention, your relationships will be so much stronger in the future.

“No” Means NO

My kids don’t have to give me a hug or a kiss. I ask for both of them. I do this because I want them to realize that no one should ever physically impose themselves on another person. I appreciate my son’s decision if he answers “no” to my request for a kiss. I want him to treat the ladies he dates in the same way. My youngster will learn that when a girl says “no,” she really means NO. Always. Without exceptions, It does not imply “maybe” or “check back later.” It is a NO. In order for my son to genuinely appreciate when a woman tells him “no,” I want him to grow up believing that his bodily boundaries are being respected.

Be A True Gentle-Man

I want my son to be a true gentleman, above and beyond chivalry. I want him to be kind to women, treat them with compassion, and always try to be sincere. I want my son to understand the power of words and that he should focus on using them to empower women. I want my son to show selflessness in his interactions and to be courteous to everyone, not just ladies. This will be greatly influenced by how I treat myself at home and how I let him speak to me. I, therefore, make sure that he understands that using unkind language or acting in an inappropriate manner is not acceptable.

How to Behave – A List of DO:

It will seem corny, but this is the case. Chivalry is still alive. Show some class. There’s the simple advice you hear all the time, like holding doors open, helping her carry things, assisting her in pulling out a chair, and lending her your coat if she’s cold. They’re all excellent.

Then again, tell and teach your son what they should do. Like:

  • Let her place the initial order and wait for her food to be delivered before you eat.
  • Express your admiration for her good looks.
  • Show her parents some courtesy. Never ask someone how they are doing. “Good morning, Mr. ___,” say.
  • Show her parents respect even when they are not present. Even if she is enraged with them, be polite. 
  • Present her with something unexpected. not like a Snapchat but like flowers. A Snapchat story about how you got those flowers, though, would be interesting. 
  • Before you go, make sure she arrives home safely. 
  • When you’re with her, stroll on the outside of the sidewalk.
  • Don’t kiss and tell (if you don’t understand, come talk to me).
  • Get her to giggle.
  • Motivate her to set higher goals (do better at school, run faster at the track, play harder in sports.)
  • Encourage her to try new things and go through new situations that will help her grow as a person.
  • Always respect her choices and ideas.

How to Behave – A List of DON’TS:

In no particular order, tell and teach your son what they cannot do like the following: 

  • Cruel jokes. I don’t see how someone could pull a cruel trick on their girlfriend for amusement. It receives a million likes on YouTube, as far as I’m aware. That only serves to confirm for me that at least a million people will never find a compatible mate. Avoid becoming one of them.
  • Intentional bodily discharges. Don’t do it to your girl in the same way that you wouldn’t approach your instructor and fart or burp in her face. It is not polite. Keep that for your friends 
  • Insults. Don’t insult her, her family, or her friends with any foul language. either in front of or behind her. Respect.
  • Let her down. If you say you’re going to be somewhere or do something, do it. Don’t let her down intentionally. Girls like men, not little boys. And men stick to their word.
  • Gaze intently at your phone. Talk rather than text. If you’re with her, focus on her rather than the screen. Conceal and lie. Own up to your mistakes when you make them. Change, get better, and keep going. She will pardon you if you are using all these tricks.
  • Belittle or humiliate. She might also make blunders and sincerely apologize. Never insult, shame, or keep a grudge against her.
  • Spreading rumors about others. Even if she does, just observe and remain silent. Don’t caution her against doing it; simply nod in agreement. She might be initially irritated, but in the long run, she will appreciate you for it.

Today’s parents can raise boys who are healthy and happy and who mature into men who respect and love women by combining these effective strategies. And that’s a potent method to alter the course of history!

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