How Many Books Did Helen Keller Write in Total - the Ultimate Guide

How Many Books Did Helen Keller Write in Total? – the Ultimate Guide

Helen Keller produced a total of 12 books over the course of her lifetime. Her first book, The Story of My Life, was published in 1903, and her last book, The Open Door, was published in 1957.

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) houses the largest collection of speeches, letters, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photos, architectural drawings, artifacts, and audio-visual materials about Helen Keller in the world.

Then,how many books did Helen Keller write? Continue reading to learn more.

What Was Helen Keller’s Most Famous Book?

Of the 12 books Helen Keller wrote during her lifetime, the most famous one is The Story of My Life. She also contributed to several well-known articles that were printed by different publications.

Let’s take a closer look at each of Helen Keller’s books: (*Note: All books are available from, save for Peace at Eventide and The Open Door, which were currently unavailable at the time of this writing.)

  • The Story of My Life(1903): When Helen Keller was a young woman, this memoir was released. It highlights her childhood experiences and learning with her teacher, Anne Sullivan, as well as her challenges and victories. Helen Keller’s epiphany at the water pump, where she discovered that things had names, is among the most memorable moments in this autobiography.
  • Optimism: An Essay(1903):In this text, Helen Keller discusses her positive outlook on life despite her struggles and challenges. She holds the opinion that optimism is a mindset that can be developed over time rather than a quality that is innate. She firmly believed that the only way to truly cultivate optimism and recognize the good in the world was to work through suffering.
  • The World I Live In(1904): This book offers a close-up, in-depth look at Helen Keller’s emotions and imagination. She also claims that because of her knowledge of languages, she has access to all of the senses, including sight and sound.
  • The Song of the Stone Wall(1910):The poetry in this book is set in A stone wall that has seen the history of the country looks down on New England.
  • Out of the Dark(1913):This book is an assortment of various essays and letters that cover topics like socialism, capitalism, labor, women’s suffrage, women’s education, and what should be done for the blind and deaf. Some of the most famous titles include “Our Duties to the Blind,” “The Education of the Deaf,” and “What Blind People Can Do.”
  • Light in My Darkness(1927):This book was originally published as My Religion and is considered The spiritual autobiography of Helen Keller. Keller explains in this work how Emanuel Swedenborg’s teachings have influenced her life and why they have such a strong impact on her.
  • Midstream: My Later Life(1929):In Midstream, Keller talks about her life 22 years after she receives her Radcliffe degree. She writes about both deeply personal topics, like her love of reading, and topics that are more broadly relevant, like the struggles faced by people with disabilities.
  • Peace at Eventide (1932): Helen Keller’s thoughts on pain and death are contained in this compact book. She emphasizes that those who are grieving or experiencing sorrow are not alone with careful consideration and reflection.
  • Three Days to See(1933): In this brief article that was published, Helen Keller talks about what she would do if she could see, even if it were only for three days. She also contends that everyone should become blind and deaf for three days in order to fully understand everything that normal people take for granted.
  • Let Us Have Faith(1940):In this brief book, Helen Keller reiterates her belief in humanity’s ability to overcome defeat and despair. It serves as both a testament to Keller’s faith and a plea for readers to act to increase their optimism for the future of humanity.
  • Teacher: Anne Sullivan Macy(1955):This is a tribute to Anne Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller’s beloved teacher, who finally connected with Helen when she was a young child and began teaching her language. Helen was mentored by Anne Sullivan for her entire life and they collaborated on her speeches, books, lectures, and other appearances.
  • The Open Door (1957):Helen Keller’s final book covers her general viewpoints on religion, activism, and philosophy. Intimate insights into Keller’s thoughts and beliefs at the time of her death are revealed.
How Many Books Did Helen Keller Write in Total - the Ultimate Guide
How Many Books Did Helen Keller Write in Total? – the Ultimate Guide

Helen Keller’s Accomplishments

Helen Keller accomplished a lot more than just writing 12 books. Here are some of her other incredible achievements:

  • She was the first person who was both blind and deaf to complete a bachelor’s degree while overcoming her numerous disabilities. The first deaf and blind person to earn a BA degree, Helen attended Radcliffe College in Cambridge.
  • She established an endowment fund for the American Foundation of the Blind and spoke at events on its behalf. Keller supported the American Foundation of the Blind for the majority of her life, which gave her a platform to promote the requirements and rights of blind people.
  • Along with George Kessler, she established Helen Keller International. In order to address the two main causes of blindness—nutrition and eye health—Henry Keller International promoted agricultural programs that assisted families in growing wholesome foods.
  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded to her in 1964. President Lyndon B. Johnson received this honor, which is the country’s highest civilian honor. Johnson gave Keller the prize.
  • As a social and political activist, she was successful. In addition to supporting the working class, women’s suffrage, and the right to contraception, Helen Keller belonged to the Socialist Party.

In addition to her published books and other achievements, Helen Keller was an impressive person in many other ways as well.

Who Was Helen Keller?

American author and educator Helen Keller was both blind and deaf. Her education and training are an outstanding accomplishment for those with those disabilities.

When Did Helen Keller Die?

At the age of 87, Helen Keller passed away on June 1st in Easton, Connecticut. She had bought her Easton home, which she had given the name Arcan Ridge, in 1936, and had lived there permanently up until her death.

What Was Helen Keller’s Relationship With Anne Sullivan?

In March 1887, Anne Sullivan took on the role of Helen Keller’s governess. The two began taking breaks from each other’s company in the Perkins Institution in 1888.

Sullivan also went with Keller to the Radcliffe College, the Cambridge School for Young Ladies, and the Wright Humason School in New York City. Up until Sullivan’s death in 1936, Sullivan was Keller’s constant companion at home and on lecture tours.

Why is Helen Keller Important?

Helen Keller was a writer, activist, and educator whose lifetime of public advocacy for various communities and causes had enduring effects on the entire world.

Due to a childhood illness, Keller, who is also blind, learned to communicate with hearing people by pressing signs into her hands, using touch to study lips, writing and reading Braille, and finally speaking audibly. She contributed to a change in attitudes toward the blind and deaf communities.

How Many Books Did Helen Keller Write in Total - the Ultimate Guide
How Many Books Did Helen Keller Write in Total? – the Ultimate Guide


How Many Essays Did Helen Keller Write?

Since she began writing in middle school, Keller has come to appreciate the benefits of discussing ideas with others.
She published 400 articles and more than a dozen books on progressive subjects.

Who Was the First Blind Deaf Person to Write a Book?

Helen Keller, a leader for the disabled and a member of the Crippled Peoples’ Caucus, is well-known. A blind author who was born deaf at the age of 22 wrote The Story of My Life.

How Many Words Did Helen Keller Learn in a Day?

30 words

Helen reached out and seized its title on this wonderful day. She had heard 30 words by nightfall.

Was Helen Keller Married?

Helen Keller never got hitched and never had kids. She did, however, wed Peter Fagan. Peter Fagan, a 29-year-old reporter, took over as Helen’s secretary when Anne got sick and needed to take some time off.


Helen Keller lived a long and arduous life, but she also wrote several books that have motivated readers all over the world. In the article above, we looked at Helen Keller’s legacy and the number of books she wrote. I appreciate your reading.

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