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How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar?

Because there are fewer strings and no chords to learn, a bass guitar is typically simpler to learn than a guitar. Learning still takes time, though. I’ll outline how long it takes to learn the bass guitar in this article, along with some advice on how to do so more quickly. 

How long does it take to learn the bass guitar? You should be able to play the bass guitar comfortably in around six months. This includes the ability to play scales and fundamental bass lines with the correct finger placement. But it can take years or perhaps a lifetime of consistent practice to properly master the bass.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar?

The four to six-stringed bass guitar, or just bass, is tuned similarly to the stand-up double bass. With the exception of the larger neck, it looks remarkably similar to a standard electric guitar. 

Due to the popularity of the bass guitar, there is a tremendous need for bassists, the term used for bass guitar players. Because of this, many people develop an interest in picking up the instrument. What is the length of time it takes to learn bass guitar? 

You should be able to learn the bass comfortably in around six months, in my opinion, based on the numerous pupils I have instructed and those of my friends. This includes having the necessary finger technique to play simple bass lines and scales.

There is no definitive response to that query because everyone is unique. People frequently believe that it is simple to learn the bass guitar. It’s somewhat true, but it’s not as straightforward as you might have thought because it’s not just a guitar with fewer strings.

While some people may learn the bass guitar in as little as six months, others may require at least a year. That’s just the bare minimum. To master all the abilities and sophisticated techniques would require many years, if not a lifetime, of practice. 

A person’s learning curve may also be influenced by certain factors. Some people might pick it up more quickly than others due to these factors. These elements are listed below:

Four Factors That Determine How Long It Takes To Learn the Bass Guitar


Studies demonstrate that children learn more quickly. Don’t let this deter you, though! Even adults and senior citizens can learn a musical instrument. According to one study, studying an instrument can improve one’s cognitive and physical skills. Learning the bass is never too late!

Musical Experience

People who have musical training or expertise will undoubtedly pick things up more quickly than complete beginners. Learning the fundamentals could be simpler for people who play the guitar or other stringed instruments. The expertise and familiarity with the fretboard’s layout and operation are primarily to blame. 

But there are significant differences between a guitar and a bass. To put it another way, it doesn’t always follow that learning the bass faster. In other words, it doesn’t mean that you’ll master the bass faster if you know how to play the guitar. 


Your level of commitment will have a big impact on how long it takes you to master the bass guitar. You must dedicate time and energy to practicing if you truly want to become a proficient bassist. Those that practice more frequently is probably going to pick up the bass guitar faster.

Type Of Music

Some would claim that playing the bass is simpler for certain musical genres. For the majority of the players, it may be accurate, but depending on the bassist, it is frequently relative or subjective.

Three Ways To Learn Bass Guitar

After picking up the right bass guitar, you might wonder: “How can I learn the bass guitar?” There are many ways to learn bass guitar, and it all depends on your preference. Here are some of the ways you can learn the bass: 

Online Books And Manuals

Reading books and manuals is one of the various approaches to learning the bass. For those with musical training or expertise, this strategy works better. On the internet, you may find a ton of ebooks and manuals. 

This approach works well since it allows you to read from a variety of sources at your own pace. Even anywhere can be used to read it. On the internet, you can discover a few free manuals. Additionally, you can use various tutorials and ebooks that are available for a little cost. See more about How To Learn To Play Mandolin For Beginners?

Watch Instructional Videos

Watching videos of seasoned bass players on numerous websites is another approach. Even services designed for beginners are available. But these services frequently have a cost. People who have some familiarity with music are best suited for this strategy.

Since you may observe and mimic a bassist’s style, this method is perfect for beginners. But bear in mind that you should pick the videos you watch carefully. Watch a bassist who has demonstrated their expertise. See more about How Long Does It Take To Learn The Ukulele?

Get a Tutor or a Mentor

Asking a professional to teach you the bass may be the finest method to learn the instrument. The finest approach for prospective bassists, whether they are novices or have prior musical training. But it’s frequently the most costly method of learning bass. The commitment to show up to every practice session is also necessary. Do bear in mind that you will improve as you put more effort into things. 

Regardless of the technique of learning you use, you will ultimately need someone to continually evaluate you and your abilities. With a tutor or mentor, you can learn so much more. Additionally, they might offer you helpful advice on how to advance. See more about How Hard Is It To Learn To Play The Harmonica?

Five Tips to Learn and Play Bass Guitar

There are some general tips that you can use when playing the bass. Apply these guidelines to the instrument, and you will hear your playing improve considerably. These tips will also help you learn the instrument faster. 

Use Fifths And Octaves

The fifth and the octave are perhaps the most harmonically agreeable notes you could play. It is worth noting that many classic and popular bass guitar lines have been created using mostly octaves, roots, and fifths as the main framework. 

One of the best things about this technique is that it will allow you to construct a bass line that is both melodic and interesting. It will also lock in well with the drums and not harmonically clash with the basic chords. See more about How To Learn To Play Mandolin For Beginners?

Play For The Song

The majority of the time, good bass guitar playing necessitates restraint and nuance rather than flashy motions and technique. Most of the time, it is best to focus on all of the chords’ root notes and to properly lock in with the drummer’s kick and snare drums.

Using Only One Finger

Be aware that though the assault is typically more even when using a pick, many people actually prefer to have a bass player. In light of this, aim to use just one finger, such as the index, as much as you can when playing fingerstyle bass if you want to pull off a far more consistent attack. 

Online Bass Lessons

On many various sites, you can discover online bass guitar tuition. They can also be formatted in a variety of ways. However, they provide a practical and economical approach to study this instrument. It is important to note that YouTube is a fantastic resource and is frequently the first place most new players go because it is free! 

You’ll be happy to learn that there are a ton of fantastic channels devoted to bass guitar lessons and useful reviews that thoroughly clarify themes. 

There are well-known instructional sites like that offer structure and logical order, typically in the form of simple courses. As a result, avoid enrolling in a bass class that is too difficult for you. Start with some basic bass video lessons instead, and then move up from there. 

Instructional Books

There is no doubting that books are a fantastic resource for learning the fundamentals of bass guitar, yet they are currently underappreciated. This helpful technique for studying bass and music, in general, has been somewhat overtaken by online tuition programs and YouTube.

It’s important to note that there’s a strong likelihood that at least one or more of your favorite bassists learned from books. That is because there was no internet back then.


What is the length of time it takes to learn bass guitar? The solution largely depends on you! 

All of the figures I provided in this essay are estimates. They serve merely as general guidelines to help you prepare.

Therefore, consider the level you want to achieve and begin working toward it.

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