Drums are often thought to be difficult to master by music lovers.

So how challenging is drumming instruction?

It can be difficult, but with consistent practice, you will quickly learn the fundamentals and be able to play along with music after six months.

However, it will take years of hard work and perseverance if you want to play on stage.

Let’s find out how difficult drums are to learn and how difficult they are in comparison to other instruments.

Is It Hard to Learn Drums?

Learning to play the drums can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Compared to instruments like the guitar or saxophone, they are more physical. Additionally, compared to other instruments, drumming requires a completely different level of finesse in terms of movements and techniques.

Is It Hard To Learn Drums On Your Own?

Not knowing what to practice makes learning to play the drums much more difficult.

To become the best drummer you can be, in my opinion, you must receive instruction in some way.

You will gain knowledge from a teacher’s years of experience that you might not have otherwise learned.

My drum instructors never cease to astound me and inspire me in every lesson.

I would therefore strongly advise finding a drum instructor.

You have complete discretion over how you carry this out.

A fun, approachable online video course that gets new drummers like you playing along to some great music from the get-go has been created by me if you’re a beginner looking to start playing the drums.

On our page dedicated to common drum beats, you can learn more about the course.

Additionally, the majority of the lessons can be followed with just your hands and feet, so you don’t even need any equipment to get started!

Is It Hard To Learn Drums To A Professional Level?

Some of you might be thinking a bit further ahead and wondering:

‘Is it difficult to learn drums at a professional level?’

Maybe you imagine yourself playing like Dave Grohl or John Bonham.

How challenging is it, though, to compete with them?

It’s difficult, but it is doable, to put it simply.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you were once one of these incredible players.

They repeatedly misunderstood and felt frustrated as they practiced in their garage.

But these drummers had the perseverance and zeal to keep playing!

The fact that the professionals appear to be so far ahead when you’re just getting started shouldn’t worry you.

Keep in mind that many of these drummers have 30 years on you!

Fortunately, becoming a professional doesn’t take 30 years.

What Is The Ideal Age To Begin Learning The Drums?

The best age to start drumming is any age. Other articles might give the impression that younger are better, but this isn’t true. No matter their age—5, 15, 35, 60, or 75—anyone can learn how to play the drums. You can do it if you have the time and motivation to practice.

“When is it too late to begin playing the drums?” Nope! Did you watch a video of a 4-year-old playing a heart-melting drum solo and are now unsure if drums are for you? There is no “perfect age,” but people of all ages wonder if they missed their chance to start something. You can engage in it as a fun and healthy activity for the rest of your life. It’s better late than never, as the saying goes.

“Am I too old to begin drum lessons?” Absolutely not, and you aren’t too young either. What do you have to lose if you start playing the drums right now? Your favorite songs will soon be playing, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.


How Long Does It Take To Learn To Play The Drums?

Your goals and the way you practice will influence how long it takes you to learn how to play the drums. A few milestones, however, are fairly simple to estimate.

To learn drums well enough to perform with a band on stage, you need at least two years of consistent practice. Even earlier, though, you can start having fun and picking up new songs.

You should be able to master the fundamental drumming techniques in a matter of weeks. You can advance with more advanced knowledge once you feel secure operating a kit.

The Challenge Of Learning Drums

The coordination needed to play several rhythms at once is the most difficult aspect of learning the drums. Your hands and feet must both play a different instrument at the same time.

The ability to count music is crucial for drummers for this reason. To determine which rhythms you should change next, you’ll need to be able to keep track of which one you’re currently playing.

You can start playing simple beats on your drums once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of counting. These will only require your hands or your feet, but they will develop many of the skills you need to move quickly into more difficult situations.

The amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest in drum lessons will largely determine how difficult it is for you to learn them. Your task will be significantly more difficult if you want to be a professional drummer and play in a band or other musical group.

The fundamentals of drumming won’t be as difficult to learn, though, if you don’t have any lofty objectives.

Is It Expensive To Play The Drums?

Actually, it doesn’t cost much to start playing the drums. Later on, the price may increase, but that will depend on the caliber of the equipment you want.

You don’t need a drum set to begin learning how to play the drums. You can get started with a set of sticks, a practice pad, or even a pillow. You can add your feet once you can play rolls and rhythms with just your hands, at which point you should probably purchase a drum set.

Drum sets cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars, just like many other instruments. Whether you purchase new or used equipment depends on what you’re looking for.

For a thorough examination of how much drum sets and cymbals cost, which brands you ought to take into account, and much more, read this article.

The typical cost for private drum lessons is $30–$50 USD for a 30-minute lesson with a teacher. For $29 per month, you can also become a member of a website that offers online drum lessons like Drumeo, giving you access to thousands of lessons, live coaching, Q&A sessions, and the ability to submit videos for teachers to critique your playing, and more. See more about How Long Does It Take To Learn The Ukulele?

The Drums Compared To Other Instruments

The drums are not instruments with pitches. Therefore, when playing the drums, you do not need to be concerned about melody and harmony. The intricate rhythm and crucial role of timekeeping compensate for the absence of musical notes in drums, though.

So don’t think that playing the drums will be much simpler than learning other instruments. It is merely a unique kind of instrument.

Lack of a practice area can make learning the drums challenging. Drums are noisy musical instruments. It can be challenging to use an acoustic drum kit if you live in a small house or apartment complex.

For starters, you can just use a practice pad or use an alternative kit like an electronic drum set or muffling techniques.

Even without drums, there are a few easy ways to practice drumming. Even better, you can try out some virtual drum equipment like Freedrum, where you can start air drumming by attaching gadgets to your drumsticks. The virtual drums are then played, and you listen to them using an app on your phone.

How Do Drums And Guitar Compare?

Drums are undoubtedly the instrument of these two that I am most accustomed to. My guitar skills are rather limited, and the majority of them only extend to Smoke on the Water and a few chord progressions. But through that, I became aware of some of the most significant variations among the instruments and how to learn them.

Only at first will guitar be more difficult than drums. It will be much more challenging to master basic fingering techniques and chord transitions than it will be to master a simple drum beat.

Having said that, the pendulum shifts more in the opposite direction once you learn more complex techniques like Flams and Paradiddles. This is not to say that there aren’t incredibly challenging, difficult-to-learn guitar techniques that take years to master.

However, I believe that it is more challenging to master the subtleties of complex drum rudiments than many guitars playing techniques, such as sweep picking and hammer-ons, particularly jazz drumming and marching band drumming.

I must emphasize once more that I have very little experience playing the guitar, but after speaking with a few of my guitarist friends, I can say with confidence that they all agree on the main distinctions between the various instruments.

Each instrument you choose will, in any case, have advantages and disadvantages. One of the main reasons I came to love playing the drums and what motivates me to keep improving is for me that it is relatively simple to learn.

How Hard Is It To Learn Drums Must Read!
How Hard Is It To Learn Drums? Must Read!

What Do You Need To Get Started Playing The Drums?

A set of sticks and some free time are all you need. The first step doesn’t even require a drum set. There is a ton of excellent free content available for beginners if you intend to teach yourself or learn by watching videos online. You can enroll in membership for online drum lessons or take private lessons in person if you’d rather get advice from a professional.

If you’re buying a drum set, make sure you have enough room and a carpet so it won’t slide. Browse through the first part of this article if you really want to be mentally prepared.

How do you learn to drum? One choice is all that is necessary. And it’s okay if you decide later that it’s not for you. The worst-case scenario is having to sell your drum set. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot; you’ll never know how much you might adore it otherwise! See more about How Hard Is It To Learn To Play The Harmonica?

Four Tips For Beginners Learning Drum

Not Able To Move Fast Enough

Your wrists and ankles need to move quickly and with precision, if you want to be a really good drummer. It might seem difficult to learn at first, but with lots of practice, it will get simpler. Being a successful drummer relies heavily on transitions, and successful transitions require both speed and excellent coordination. This is one of the reasons why speed and coordination are so crucial.

Hard To Get The Hang Of Reading Sheet Music

When learning to play the drums, reading sheet music is crucial, just like with any other musical instrument. Finding a way to make sheet music reading simpler is one of the best ways to get past any reading difficulties. We learned that you could try highlighting every other line of the music on the score. You can train your eyes to focus more quickly on the crucial musical lines by doing this.

Hard To Be Consistent With The Speed Of Play

Most first-time drummers find it extremely challenging to maintain consistency with how fast they need to play at first. While with time and effort, anyone should be able to improve. The term “metronome” refers to a tool that is intended to help you speed up.

Cannot Find Time For The Necessary Lessons

Not being able to find the time to learn is one of the most challenging obstacles a beginner drummer can encounter. Sadly, if you can’t make the time commitment required to complete all of the lessons, learning to play the drums is almost impossible. Once you understand that if you really want to learn how to play the drums, you need to figure out how to make the time. See more about How To Learn To Play Mandolin For Beginners?


The fact that a drum kit is made up of several different parts, each of which is played separately, makes the drums one of the musical instruments with the most distinctive sound. The sum of all the parts, however, is significantly superior to any one of the individual parts. We sincerely hope that the wealth of information in this article makes it simple for you to benefit from it to the fullest. We made sure to include a few difficult things for beginners. We also provide instructions on how to begin learning new skills.

Even though learning to play the drums can be challenging in some areas, anyone can do it. Never listen to someone who claims that playing the drums requires a natural sense of rhythm.

You can learn to play beats, and it won’t take long for your sense of rhythm to develop. Simply put, you might not understand ideas as quickly as someone with a good sense of rhythm.

Just keep in mind that if learning to play the drums were simple, everyone would do it! You’ll encounter some difficulties if you choose to play the drums, but by meeting them head-on, you’ll grow as a person and a musician.

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